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From zero to one

With the progress and development of the times , more and more science and technology as well as fashion elements is widely accepted as a part of the life .People also have more demanding for the quality life .For example,in shoes case,these shoes just like we wear clothes. They rarely need replacing. The comfortable of the shoes is more important than the design.

Single color PVC DIP sole injection machine

Comfortable shoes and production processes are closely related. The correct footwear, in addition to its design on the uppers , more importantly, is the sole materials

Not the same as the sole material naturally have a different design direction.

Materials such as EVA soles, lighter weight. It is often made in terms of sports shoes in the market. This is the contemporary social mainstream sole. Of course, there are also a lot of rubber soles, often used in the manufacture of shoes aspect , rubber sole general wear, folding , better performance , the market price of rubber shoe soles will be more expensive.

Quanzhou Yingrun Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of all kinds of shoes making machine for example: EVA injection machine,PVC air blowing machine,PVC DIP injection machine, EVA and TPR phylon sole making machine and so on and all kinds of shoes mold for EVA,PVC,TPR,TPU,TR,PU,RB and so on. As a trading company also,we sell all kinds of shoes parts,for example PVC strap, rubber strap, shoes air cushion,shoes outsole,slipper parts. we have a dedicated design team for make new design. In the sole design,not only meet the comfort needs of the public , but also the integration of fashion in today's society.

In addition n to the above described rubber soles,EVA soles,the market of other materials such as TPR,PU,PVC,etc. We also have the appropriate production processes .

We are committed to creating value for customers, to better serve the community. More shoes machine,you can click moldmachinery.