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Colors High-tech Innovation High-heeled Shoes

We did not definitely feel enough about clothes, bags, shoes, perhaps this is a woman's nature, but sometimes something I do not like and feel it waste money. Today I would like to introduce one pair of shoes can change the color, and I believe that everyone like it when they see it. This pair of shoes called Volvorii, which is the combination of the latest technology and fashion. YINGRUN thinks that Volvorii can change colors, because its surface has an E-ink display. Shoes have an internal rechargeable battery and wireless Bluetooth components. Screen can display black, white and gray.

When you need to change the shoe color, you can use the paired phone app to choose to display results. This screen can display not only solid, but also transform a variety of patterns, so that a pair of shoes can wear different garb.

Well, the display Extends from side to shoes shoe head around half of the week, so the shoes just can change a part of color. In addition, the toe and heel as well as accessories anchor use to install other trinkets.

“Volvorii has landed Indiegogo in order to participate in crowd funding, and the price is about $ 149. Any way, the crowd funding road is not smooth, and the Volvorii’s crowd funding goal is $ 50,000. However, nearly in the past a month, they only raised $ 919. If they can get the funds within the expected target, Volvorii color shoes will be listed in December this year, the retail price of $ 249.” shoe mould and shoe mould machinery manager said.

Nowadays, technology and fashion is growing at an unprecedented rate closely. Apple Watch landed fashion magazines, the treadmill and the T station - wearable device increasingly focused on the nature of fashion. More shoe making machine,shoe materials and shoe mold,you can visit: